D2S monitor stand

Use the D2S monitor stand to place the monitor where you want it. By lifting the monitor (not included) from the desktop, the mounting arm can quickly reduce unnecessary clutter and increase valuable surface space. Easily adjust the mounting arm as needed to ensure comfortable viewing of the LCD monitor, which helps reduce shoulder, neck, and eye fatigue. The single-monitor mounting arm is very suitable for home or office use. It saves space and is ergonomic, allowing almost any LCD monitor to be placed.

A built-in high-quality oil-gas hybrid spring has passed 30,000+ fatigue tests. The corresponding elastic force can be adjusted according to the weight of the display, so that the lifting is smooth and free.

Smooth movement

From height adjustment and extension/retraction to monitor tilt and landscape or portrait mode, the single monitor mount arm provides an exceptionally flexible range of motion. The display can extend the display up to 23 inches (59 cm), and its 16-inch (41 cm) height range meets the ergonomic needs of more than 9 out of 10 adults. Rotate the screen to view photos and other documents in portrait orientation (no need to scroll). Most importantly, repositioning the display only requires light touch up, down, forward, and back. When not in use, just push the display open.

Suitable for most displays

The D2S monitor stand combines a durable design with a stylish appearance, and is suitable for almost all 32-inch or smaller LCD monitors.

Desktop installation

The D2S mounting arm can be easily set up, and you can choose to connect it to the edge of a table or table. When not in use, the armrest will be folded back on the base to achieve a compact and remote placement, and the cable management system can hide all display cables and neatly tuck them under the armrest.